Plan Change 9 - Historic Heritage and Natural Environments

Closes 19 Aug 2022


The purpose of this plan change is for the identification and protection of historic heritage or natural environments as defined by the RMA. The recommendations from the research undertaken on the five subject matters below.

How to give feedback using this table of contents:

  • You can give feedback on as many or as few of the subject matters as you would like.
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Your written comments on the proposed Plan Change 9 (Historic Heritage and Natural Environments) to the Hamilton City Operative District Plan are known as a submission. A submission gives your views on the whole or part of the proposed plan change. Making a submission may influence the final form of the plan change and is one of the main ways you can influence the future of how land and resources are used in Hamilton. 

Anyone may make a submission on Plan Change 9; you don't have to be an expert, a resident or ratepayer of Hamilton. You can make a submission provided that your submission does not seek to gain an advantage in trade competition. Where a person is a trade competitor their right to make a submission is limited to where they are directly affected by an effect of a proposed plan change that: 

  • adversely effects the environment 
  • does not relate to trade competition or the effects of trade competition. 


We have now publicly notified Plan Change 9 and welcome submissions on the proposed provisions during the submission period from 22 July 2022 to 19 August 2022. 


To start your submission, make sure you understand the proposed plan change and how it might affect you. Proposed Plan Change 9 is available to view online at, the Council offices in Garden Place and at all the Hamilton City Libraries.

Your submission should be concise but cover all points you wish to make. Be specific and use examples where you can, especially if you are requesting that Council change the provisions. 

Staff are available to discuss any concerns with you and can be contacted on 07 838 6699 then ask to speak with the City Planning Unit or email  

Please be aware when providing personal information that submissions will be reproduced and included in Council public documents. These documents are available on Council's website. 


Council staff will summarise all submissions following the closing date. This summary will be publicly notified on Council's website, in a local newspaper and printed copies will also be available from Council. Copies of the actual submissions will also be available to the public so that anyone can find out what specific issues have been raised. 

Council will then call for further submissions. This is the opportunity to support or oppose another person's submission, even if you didn’t make an initial submission. 

However further submissions can only be made if: 

  • you represent a relevant aspect of public interest 
  • you have an interest greater than the general public has. 


Once Council has received submissions and further submissions, a hearing will be held to consider all submissions. All hearings are open to the public. Hearings will be conducted by a Hearings Panel of specially appointed independent RMA commissioners and one appointed councilor. At the hearing, you will be given a chance to explain your submission and you may be asked questions about your views. If you did not indicate that you wished to speak at a hearing on your submission form, you will not be told of the hearing dates, but your written submission will still be considered by the Hearings Panel. Further information on the hearings for Plan Change 9 will be available at a later date. 


Following the hearing, the Commissioners will make their decisions. All submitters will be sent a copy of the decisions and the reasons they were made. The decisions will also be publicly notified. The plan change will be amended from the date the decisions are notified. 

As a submitter, you will have a right of appeal to the Environment Court if you are not happy with the decisions. You may refer any matter you raised in your submission to the Environment Court. Once all the submissions and appeals have been resolved the proposed plan change will become operative. 

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