Who you gonna call? Tagbusters

Closed 31 Jan 2020

Opened 23 Nov 2019


Hamilton City Council's Tagbusters are the city’s graffiti removal team and their top priority is to remove all tagging/graffiti on property which is visible from public spaces. Tagging is images or lettering which are painted, drawn, scrawled or scratched, or any form of marking on property without the permission of the property owner. It’s unwanted vandalism and is a criminal offence. We are always looking for ways to reduce graffiti vandalism in Hamilton and therefore we are running this community survey to seek some suggestions from you. It will help to give us a better sense of how aware you, as members of the community, are of what the Tagbusters do, and help us to evaluate your perception of tagging in relation to safety. We are also looking for ideas for a new name for our graffiti removal team – that best sums up what it is we do.

If you'd like to know more about what we do, go to our website hamilton.govt.nz, or click here to go directly to our page.


Privacy statement:
The Local Government Act 2002 requires submissions to be made available to the public. Your name will be published with your submission and made available in a report to elected members and to the public. Other personal information supplied will be used for administration and reporting purposes only.  Please refer to Council’s Privacy Statement at hamilton.govt.nz for further information.