Who you gonna call? Tagbusters

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Closes 11 Jan 2020

What do you know about Tagbusters and how can we improve?

1. How much do you know about the following statements?
What Tagbusters do.
The fact that Tagbusters is a Hamilton City Council (HCC) provided service.
Tagbusters will remove tagging/graffiti from the public facing parts of your home or fence for free.
Reporting tagging/graffiti to Council.
2. How widespread is the issue of tagging/grafitti in your neighbourhood?
3. What do you think of the following statement?

"Tagging/grafitti in my neighbourhood makes me feel unsafe."

4. How could the Council make it easier for you to report tagging/graffiti?
5. How quickly should tagging/graffiti be removed after you report it?
6. Do you have any suggestions for reducing tagging/graffiti in your neighbourhood?
7. What do you think of ‘Tagbusters’ as a name?
8. Tell us your ideas – what name would you suggest calling HCC’s graffiti removal team?