Proposed Light Motor Vehicle Prohibition - Arthur Porter Drive area

Closed 16 Aug 2019

Opened 29 Jul 2019


Arthur Porter Drive Area has a history of night time light vehicle problems such as noise, illegal driving behaviour (excessive speed, burnouts, etc.), property vandalism (tagging) and rubbish dumping.

Hamilton City Council is proposing to help the New Zealand Police address these issues by imposing a night time light vehicle prohibition, under the Hamilton City Traffic Bylaw 2015, in the following streets:

  • Clem Newby Road
  • Winders Road
  • Chafer Place
  • Hounsell Road
  • Earthmover Crescent
  • Roger Kaui Place
  • Ruffell Road (west of Arthur Porter Dr only)

This means that cars, utes and vans will be banned from these streets between the hours of 9pm and 4am, unless they are there on legitimate business.

Legitimate road users are not affected by this proposal because business employees, residents, and anyone with a genuine reason for being on the street are exempt from the restrictions.

Why We Are Consulting

The Light Motor Vehicle Prohibitions clause in the Hamilton City Traffic Bylaw 2015 allows the Council, by resolution, to restrict or prohibit any vehicle having a gross motor vehicle mass less than 3,500kg from being operated on a road between the hours of 9pm and 4am. Legitimate users are still allowed to use these streets, such as resident, business employees or passenger vehicles such as taxis. The purpose of the clause is to prevent nuisance and anti-social road users from accessing the street and creating problems.

We have previously implemented a Light Motor Vehicle Prohibition in Gallagher Dr, Quinton Dr, Clow Pl and Quail Pl.  Following a request from the Police we are now proposing this Light Motor Vehicle Prohibition on the Arthur Porter Drive Area.