Back on Track Hamilton's COVID-19 response budget - Draft Annual Plan 2020/21

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Closes 10 Jul 2020

Changes to our capital programme

Capital projects are new projects like new roads, cycleways, libraries or projects that upgrade or improve existing infrastructure.

For the next 12 months, we are planning to delay $59.8 million of capital projects to later years.

These projects will still get done, but at a later date. This would leave $302.8 million of capital projects still progressing over the next 12 months.

It is important to keep investing in our city to help us get through these difficult times, while balancing this against affordability for ratepayers. 

Projects being deferred include upgrading the Transport Centre, a new river boardwalk for Victoria on the River and infrastructure work in our Peacocke and Rotokauri growth cells.

We will also defer the demolition of the Municipal Pools for one year. We are working on a broader vision for this area through our Central City Transformation Plan  which we will talk to you more about later this year.

Delaying these projects means we can manage our debt levels, reducing our interest costs.

View the full list of capital projects and deferrals

1. Do you have any comments about the delays we are proposing to our capital programme?