Your Rototuna

Closed 27 Nov 2020

Opened 13 Nov 2020


Ka toituu, ka ataahua te whakawhanake whenua ki Rototuna

Enabling the development of attractive and sustainable community in the Rototuna growth area.

The Rototuna community village is entering a very exciting phase where the input you have provided over the past two years is able to be seen in concepts and ideas being developed for the library, community hub, open spaces and play areas.


Why your views matter

Before the team continues developing the concepts for the library, community hub, open spaces and play areas, they want to check back with you to ensure these concepts are heading in the right direction to deliver what the community previously said was important to them:

  • a vibrant village heart, where people can meet and play, and connect to the outdoors
  • be integrated and have great connectivity
  • provide a sense of identity and belonging
  • be a destination with well-considered spaces to play and enjoy
  • be welcoming
  • be bright and friendly
  • and all the other priorities that you shared with us through the community meetings and feedback.

Please have a look at the concepts in the Your Rototuna document (under related links below) and see where the team has got to based on earlier input/engagement and let us know what you think.

We really do welcome and listen to your feedback- this is to be your place. Although not every single thing that people suggest can be included in the final designs (especially as the budget is fixed) any shared feedback, themes or ideas will be considered.

What happens next

Your feedback/input will be summarised and provided to the design/project teams. They will consider how this may be used in the next stage of
the designs/concepts.

A summary of the feedback will also be made available to elected members, the Rototuna community and presented on our website.