Chedworth Park Playground refresh

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Closes 17 Oct 2023

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How often do you use Chedworth Park?
In general, who do you go to Chedworth Park with? (Select all that apply)
What do you use Chedworth Park for? (Select all that apply)
What ages are the children in your household that would use Chedworth Park? (Select all that apply)
Many modern playgrounds include spaces for different interests and ages. What type of play spaces would you like to see at Chedworth Park?

Drawings of suggested play spaces, i.e. swing, slide, rocking

⭐ Rank each of the activities in the four play groups in order of your preference (1 = most preferred, 3 = least preferred).

Structured play:

Dynamic play:

Natual play:

Imaginative/free play:

Tell us what you think of the following for Chedworth Park
Which barriers prevent you from playing the way you want to play in Chedworth Park?
What would make Chedworth Park a more exciting place to play?
Do you have any other comments about the playground renewal at Chedworth Park?
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