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Kelli Pike

2. Do you support the Council's initial proposal for representation arrangements for 2019?

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To all elected members... Be bold, be brave and vote for change. I am asking you to put forward / and vote for "at large voting" in this representation review. I believe it is an opportunity to 'shake up the status quo' and potentially improve voter turnout in 2019. (Proof of the status quo not working is the 32% voter turnout in 2016). Reasons: All Councillors (should) make decisions based on what is best for the city as a whole. We need more choice, so that we can have the best possible candidates representing us. I believe that at large voting will improve diversity of elected members, by allowing communities of interest (be it ethnicity, environment, social justice etc) to rally support for a candidate citywide. 'At large voting' is a better form of representation for voters who are transient or in unstable accommodation. * I applaud the decision to implement Maaori representation in committees. I believe at large voting in 2019 and STV voting from 2022 would serve the communities well by ensuring we have the best people representing us. I hope your decision will be based on the overall vision which is to improve participation of your constituents. Ngaa mihi

3. The Council will hear verbal submissions on Tuesday 9 October 2018. Do you want to speak about your submission at this meeting?

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