Mahoe Park sports field development

Closed 6 Sep 2019

Opened 16 Aug 2019


As part of its 2018-2028 10-Year Plan decisions, the Council has committed funding to the improvement of Mahoe Park.

For many years the park has been designated for sports, and we’re now in a position to develop it for organised sports events.

Our development of Mahoe Park responds to increasing city-wide demand for sports parks: as the city’s population grows, so does the need for sports fields for a range of codes.

We’ve identified Mahoe Park as suitable for baseball and softball, and potentially two overflow pitches for football (soccer).

This is a long-term project over several years. Initially, we will be levelling the park and installing drainage, followed by the construction of a car park, changing rooms and toilets, park furniture and paths, and longer-term the construction of a new playground.

Throughout this project, Mahoe Park will still be available to the community to use, but from time to time, some parts may be off-limits while work is underway.

Why your views matter

In July 2019 we held a community discussion at the Samoan Assembly of God to present some basic concept designs to local residents. At that meeting, we received some very valuable feedback which we’ve taken on board, including some concerns raised about traffic which have been passed on to our City Transport Unit.

We’re interested in the views of the wider Mahoe-Melville community on the concept designs in the pdf below, and where particular features of the park should be placed.

Concept designs proposed for Mahoe Park

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Please note:
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