Draft Neighbourhood and Amenity Reserves Management Plan

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Closes 13 Jan 2019

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The general management direction for the Draft Plan is to:

  • Identify a clear set of priorities for managing the network of neighbourhood and amenity reserves
  • Clearly define the purpose for each individual reserve (Check these with the community)
  • Ensure the management decisions made for these reserves optimise their defined purpose.

1. Do you agree with the general management direction outlined in the Draft Neighbourhood and Amenity Reserves Management Plan (Draft Plan)?

We want to know if you agree with the primary functions we have assigned to these reserves.

Look at the Draft Plan from page 12 onwards and you will see each reserve and the primary functions we have for each.

The five primary functions identified in the Draft Plan are:

  • Recreation and Play (a place for local residents to enjoy for casual recreation and sport or games)
  • Ecological (a place offering environmental value or a natural habitat)
  • Amenity and Buffer (natural or physical qualities/characteristics contributing to people's appreciation of its pleasantness)
  • Connectivity (links two residential streets, providing pedestrian access)
  • Lookout point (a location where views of the area can be enjoyed)

2. Referring to the reserves you are familiar with, do you agree with the primary functions that have been identified for them?

3. Which Neighbourhood and Amenity Reserves do you use on a regular basis? (at least once a month)

Open to see a list of the Reserves

List of Reserves

4. Do you find the Draft Plan document easy to follow?

Click here to read the Draft Plan

5. Is there anything you would like us to consider for your neighbourhood and amenity reserve that would improve your experience?

6. Do you have any supporting material to include as part of your submission/feedback?

Warning: uploaded files as may be visible to the public as part of your submission response. Please ensure any file is virus-free, redacted and ready for publishing.

7. Do you want to verbally present to the Council in support of your submission?

  • If yes, please make sure you fill in all the contact details in the section About You, so we can get in touch with you closer to the Hearing in March 2019.

How does the Council hearing work?

  • The Regulatory and Hearings Subcommittee considers the submissions and consists of Elected Members, who will be introduced by the Chairperson on the day.
  • Hearings are reasonably formal so that submissions are dealt with consistently and fairly, and all parties are given an equal opportunity to present their views.
  • The meeting is open to the public, including the news media.  It may be necessary to exclude the public from parts of a hearing (for example when the Committee feels the privacy of an individual needs to be protected).  All written and oral submissions form part of the publicly available information, and the meeting will be recorded.
  • Speakers will be allocated a time to present their submission to the Committee.
  • Please note that the Elected Members may ask you questions in relation to your submission as part of the speaking allocation.