New Fenced Dog Exercise Area

Closes 3 Apr 2019

Opened 12 Mar 2019


Thanks for your interest in our project to develop a new fenced (off-leash) dog exercise area in one of Hamilton’s parks.

After assessing several parks around the city, and in line with our Pooches in Parks plan, we have settled on three possible locations for this new fenced dog exercise area.

We’re asking people to essentially vote for their preference from the three parks listed below.

You can vote for only one of the three parks.

The results will be tabulated and then the new fenced dog area will be confirmed.

If you need reminding of where these parks are, visit 


Please note:
Please be aware when providing a submission/giving feedback/responding to a survey that all responses are part of the consultation process. This means that your name but not contact details may be reproduced and included in the Council's public documents such as the Council agendas and minutes. These documents are available on the Council's website at

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