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Challenge 3: Improving Hamilton’s transport system

7. Do you have any specific transport projects you think Council should consider?

Improvements to Ward Street to connect Norris Ward Park to the CBD. Additional info provided in 'ideas' section.

Challenge 4: Investing in community infrastructure

8. Do you think the investment of $70.7 million in the nine projects is the right option? (select one option)

Please select one item
Ticked Yes (this is the option Council is proposing) or
No, Council should not do the following projects

9. In preparing the 10-Year Plan Council considered but did not include the following projects.

Please select all that apply
Complete key projects in the Hamilton Zoo Master Plan
Ticked Skate park
Sports parks drainage improvements
Ticked River Plan projects
Artificial turf at Rototuna Sports Park
Libraries network expansion and improvements

11. Do you think the Council should charge a $10 entry fee to Hamilton Gardens’ enclosed themed gardens for visitors who are over 18 and not Hamilton residents? (select one option)

Please select one item
Ticked No

Other Ideas

12. Do you have an idea not covered above that you want the Council to consider? Please tell us about it.

Who is putting forward the idea?
Improve the cycling and pedestrian connection on Ward Street between Norris Ward Park and the CBD (through VOTR to the river paths). The Western Rail Trail has provided a great start to this heavily used route into the CBD, unfortunately at the moment when you cross Tristram St you are greeted with a rather industrial and bleak welcome to the CBD. With upcoming projects in the city like the Regional Theatre (where visitors will be encouraged to park and walk or cycle to the CBD) it is a prime opportunity to improve the streetscape, to make it safer and feel more welcoming. The concept would see a narrowed street with lower traffic speeds, increasing safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Stark Property have engaged Edwards White to come up with an initial concept design that has support from local stakeholders.
What is needed to make the idea work?
Improvements to existing infrastructure, support from staff to develop the concept and funding.
who will be impacted by the adea?
This will benefit the business community and commuters who use the western rail trail or park in the surrounding streets. It will provide a more appealing and safer link to the Hamilton West Green Belt and connection to the city stadiums. Ward Street is also heavily used by Wintec and Hamilton Girls High School students.
how much will your idea cost?
This concept has not been priced, as it is only a concept design and requires further development.
Who will pay for:
Hamilton City Council. Existing renewals funding could be utilised to upgrade/replace the current assets. This project could also be funded by the Transport Discretionary Fund and/or the CBD cycle connection Fund.
Are there any opportunties for Council to partner with other organisations?
With the Waikato Regional Council moving to Ward Street in 2020, and the redevelopment of the Wintec campus on Ward Street, there are plenty of opportunities to partner on this project.

About you

13. I am responding as (select one option)

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An individual
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An organisation

14. I live (select all that apply)

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I rent my home in Hamilton
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I live in the Waikato region
I live elsewhere in New Zealand
I live outside New Zealand
I own a house/s in Hamilton that I don't live in
Ticked I own a commercial/industrial building in Hamilton
I do not live or own property in Hamilton
Please tell us your Hamilton suburb, which town or part of NZ you live

17. Your contact details (you must provide this information)

My name is
Matt Stark

Verbal submissions

18. Do you want to verbally present to the Council in support of your submission? (select one option)

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Ticked Yes (If you choose yes you must provide your contact details, Q17)