Your Rototuna

Closed 5 Apr 2019

Opened 27 Feb 2019

Feedback updated 31 May 2019

We asked

Two proposals for Your Rototuna were provided for consideration. These reflected the community’s wishes to “create a welcoming community village with flexible, inviting, connected and usable spaces”. Both two proposals presented were possible within the $19.6M budget. We asked for people’s views on what they liked, or didn’t like about them, as well as the views on where the Council should prioritise spending in Rototuna. We used the feedback received to review the proposals and help us develop a final concept.

You said

Overall, residents stressed they wanted a village that would be a place where everyone could feel at home: inclusive, welcoming and connected to the wider community.  There were themes that emerged which will and are being considered in the next phases of design – including a common desire to see the Rototuna village celebrate the past, future and diversity of all people who live there.

Specific elements of feedback on the two proposals included:

  • use of good lighting and clear connections for people
  • developing North City Rd with pedestrians, cyclists, mobility scooters as priority users
  • providing specialised car parks near key destinations for specific users such as people with higher mobility needs
  • skatepark and playground to be further away from the library entrance
  • ensuring all key recreational facilities are within sightline of each other
  • using different varieties of trees that will enhance shade and add character and colour
  • creating a real sense of “heart” and activity in the village square and establishing this as a linking element between all facilities
  • making buildings interesting and colourful
  • providing a public toilet.

We did

We received more than 1000 comments on the proposed Rototuna village designs which were then used to develop the updated “Rototuna Revisited” proposal. Which can be found here.


In 2018 the Council set aside $19.6M for the development of community facilities in Rototuna.

This money is for:

  • a community centre and library, with bookable rooms and meeting places
  • a town square
  • carparks

The Council also committed to investigating partnership opportunities for a potential pool that would provide for learn to swim activities.

This facility would need to be commercially viable.

The Council needs your feedback on two proposals for the Rototuna community village.

These proposals reflect the community’s wishes to “create a welcoming community village with flexible, inviting, connected and usable spaces”.

Fill out our online feedback form below, or come along to one of our open days to talk to staff find out more about these proposals.

For more information, scroll down to the the bottom of the page:

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Please note:
All survey responses will be public documents and may be presented to the Mayor and councillors for their consideration.