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We asked

In June 2022, we asked the community if a safer speed area should be implemented in all residential streets within the Mahoe Street area (Melville). This would mean a speed limit change from 50kph to 40kph. The proposed change aligns with our Hamilton Speed Management Plan, which is about achieving safe and appropriate speeds to allow residential neighbourhoods to have a safe environment to live and play. Minor works were also proposed at key locations within this area to support the lower speed limit. The engagement was targeted to those who live in this area of Hamilton.

You said

We received 34 submissions and the majority of these responses supported the safer speed area proposal and the overall objective of making their neighbourhood safer for all road users to get around.

We did

The safer speed area, and change in speed limit to 40kph, for the Mahoe Street area in Melville was approved via council resolution and implemented from October 2022.

We asked

The Annual Plan is the budget and work programme for Year 2 of Council’s 2021-2031 Long-Term Plan. It looks at how we’ll deliver and fund projects and services in the upcoming financial year.

We told the community what we would do in 2022-23 and we’re sticking to that. However, we didn’t foresee the major challenge of increasing costs driven mainly by the high rate of inflation New Zealand is experiencing when planning our 2022-23 budget and work programme during the Long-Term Plan. 

We asked the community to share their voice on proposed changes to increase Council’s borrowing to cover these cost pressures, rather than increase rates or cut projects. We also asked what they thought about new projects proposed in response to important issues identified by the community. 

You said

Of the 263 responses:

  • 121 (46%) respondents were in support of increasing budgets and covering this by borrowing. Of these, 27 (22%) respondents made specific comments that they supported using debt, and 5 (4%) respondents commented that they were against rates increases.
  • 100 (38%) respondents chosen the option of decreasing spending on projects planned for in the Annual Plan to cover increased costs. Of these, 45 (45%) supported reducing spend but did not identify specific projects. 
  • 23 (9%) respondents chose the option of increasing the budgets and cover this by increasing rates above the 4.9%. 16 (70%) of these made comments – of which 6 (38%) specifically commented on their support for increasing rates to cover the increased costs.

We did

Public opinion factored strongly into decisions made about Hamilton City Council’s draft Annual Plan. 

Rates will not go over the average increase of 4.9% as outlined in the Long-Term Plan. We’ll borrow to cover unforeseen costs and cover projects. 

Several projects and operational activities will be introduced. Funding has been allocated for the creation of school travel plans, a new grant fund is being made available for community application to implement projects from our Welcoming Plan, improved maintenance of the Hamilton Cemetery Burial Lawn and a raft of cycling initiatives. 

Read the Our Hamilton media story Council responses to public feedback on Annual Plan for more information.

The 2022-23 Annual Plan will be adopted by Council on 30 June. It will be available on our website after this date. 

We asked

We proposed minor changes to the Hamilton Speed Management Plan to ensure its alignment with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency under their new speed management guidance and to prepare it for the certification process. We sought feedback on the review of the plan from the community in March/April 2022.

You said

Of the 67 responses received, 70% (44 respondents) agreed to amend the speed management plan, and 28% (18 respondents) said retain the current plan with no revisions. The most common reasons for participants choosing to have the plan amended were to align it with recent legislative requirements, current best practice, and the long-term vision for Hamilton City.

We did

We updated our Hamilton Speed Management Plan according to these proposed changes. A copy can be found online at