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  • Funding Growth in Hamilton Kirikiriroa

    Development Contributions Policy and Growth Funding Policy 2024 Welcome/Nau mai Hamilton Kirikiriroa is a fantastic river city and one of the fastest growing metros in New Zealand. We are now a city of 185,000 people and, in 10 years, we expect to be home to 215,000 people. This growth will create exciting opportunities for our city but it also presents us with challenges, as we...

    Closes 21 April 2024

  • 2024-34 Long-Term Plan

    Welcome to Hamilton City Council’s 2024-34 Long-Term Plan consultation. We want to hear from you about what’s being proposed for the future Hamilton Kirikiriroa, and what this means for the city’s finances. If you haven't been to yet, please make sure you read the information there before you provide your feedback. All supporting documents are...

    Closes 21 April 2024

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We asked

Private Plan Change 15 – Tuumata: further submissions

Private Plan Change 15 – Tuumata was open for submission in April and May this year. A summary of submissions and copies of original submissions were made available in June and July. Further submissions for Private Plan Change 15 reopened in October to allow people to submit on an original submission not included in the summary of submissions.

Tainui Group Holdings (TGH) requested a change to Hamilton’s District Plan to rezone about 68ha in Ruakura to allow for housing. Plans have been made for about 1200 homes.

More than a third of the 68ha site will be set aside as wetlands and swales to manage stormwater. Provision has also been made for a shopping centre and a supermarket. The Tuumata block is located between the Fifth Avenue extension and the AgResearch campus.

The proposed changes to the District Plan include:

  • Changing the zone from Ruakura Industrial Park to General Residential to provide for a range of housing options.
  • Changing the zone from Ruakura Industrial Park to Business 6 to allow for a neighbourhood centre.
  • Correcting a zoning anomaly that applies to Council-owned land – a small strip adjoining the area in the south will be rezoned from Ruakura Industrial to Knowledge Zone.
  • Incorporation of a new structure plan for the Tuumata Residential Precinct.
  • Including additional rules to implement the Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS).

Submissions to Plan Change 15 were opened from 18 April to 17 May 2023.

Further submissions to Plan Change 15 were open from 12 June to 10 July 2023 and again between 25 October and 10 November 2023.


You said

We received four submissions and five further submissions. There is now a formal process to follow under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Hearings for Plan Change 15 are due to be held in 2024.

We did

A panel of commissioners will consider all the submissions and make recommendations to Council on the final plan change in 2024.

Keep up-to-date on the plan change here:

We asked

We asked for your thoughts on Council’s Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy and the TAB Venues Policy. 

As a council, we’re required to have policies in place around gambling in Hamilton Kirikiriroa. We need to review the policies every three years. These are: 

Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy, which outlines the rules and restrictions for venues with gambling machines in Hamilton Kirikiriroa. 

TAB Venues Policy, which outlines the rules for venues in Hamilton Kirikiriroa that provide racing betting or sports betting services.  

Read policies here: 

We proposed to continue both the Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy and the TAB Venues Policy without changes to either policy. 

You said

We received a total of 55 submissions. This included 28 from individuals and 27 from organisations, community groups or businesses. 

Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy 

More respondents disagreed with the proposal to continue the Class 4 Gambling Venues Policy without any changes (27, 50%), than those who agreed (20, 36%) with Council’s proposal. Of the 27 respondents that were opposed to Council’s proposal on the Class 4 Gambling policy to continue the policy without any changes, 12 felt the policy was not strict enough, and 11 felt the current policy was too strict. Individuals were more likely to support Council’s proposal, compared to groups or organisations. 

TAB Venues Policy 

Most respondents agreed with the proposal to continue the TAB Venues Policy without any changes (46%), and 30% disagreed with Council’s proposal. There was a large proportion (24%) who did not answer this question. 

We did

Your feedback was presented to the Community and Natural Environment Committee on 26 October 2023.  The committee resolved to continue both policies without changes. 

We asked

We’re proposed to reclassify the section of Ashurst Park at the entrance from Ashurst Avenue, from Recreation Reserve to Local Purpose (Community Facility) Reserve, under Section 24 of the Reserves Act 1977.  

The purpose of the reclassification was to enable a new single-story community facility to be built, and for Council to grant a lease to local community outreach group, Pukete Neighbourhood House - Te Whare Takiwa o Pukete.  

Pukete Neighbourhood House - Te Whare Takiwa o Pukete is a community group that provides a range of services, events and initiatives to benefit the local community. They are open from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. 

Currently located in Te Rapa Sportsdrome, they have outgrown the space they're in. A new facility would help Pukete Neighbourhood House to better support the community with their wide range of services, as well as freeing up space in Te Rapa Sportsdrome for sports-related groups to use. 

You said

In the initial community engagement, we heard a range of feedback from 282 written submissions, with mixed feedback. While more respondents overall supported the reclassification (59%), those who live in the Pukete area or visit the park frequently were more likely to oppose it (56% and 49% respectively).  

The feedback indicated that the green space, playground and trees near Ashurst Ave are highly valued by residents. 

We then hosted an information session at Te Rapa Sportsdrome, with three options for the location of the new building: 

  • Option 1: Ashurst Avenue 
  • Option 2a: Standalone building at Te Rapa Sportsdrome 
  • Option 2b: Extension at Te Rapa Sportsdrome.  

The community was invited to share their views further, and provide feedback on the pros and cons we had listed for each location.  

We did

Feedback from the information session was incorporated into a final report, which was presented at the Council meeting on 14 December 2023.  

At this meeting, Elected Members unanimously voted for option 2a as the preferred location.  

A reclassification is now needed for the area adjacent to Te Rapa Sportsdrome, to enable the proposed new centre to be leased to Pukete Neighbourhood House. Community engagement on the reclassification is expected to happen in early 2024.