Peacocke: Weaving together a new community

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Closes 9 Dec 2020

Putting a roof over our heads

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Part of creating a great place to live is considering what our houses and streets look and feel like.

Housing should cater for a diverse community and meet their varied needs. We need a mix of larger homes, duplexes, terrace housing and apartments to help make housing more affordable and increase choice. Plus – it’s more interesting to look at!

A big part of this is encouraging good landscape and urban design outcomes to create attractive neighbourhoods that people want to live in.

In Peacocke we’re proposing a mix of both medium and high-density housing, supported by quality open spaces and good walking, cycling and public transport connections. This supports a 20-minute city concept by creating compact neighbourhoods where people can safely access most of the things they need (like retail, parks and activities) within 20 minutes, without relying on their cars.

Why is this good?

  • Uses less land, so there’s more room for all the other things that make a community great.
  • Helps us create better social connections and access to community facilities.
  • Greater vibrancy and safer environment.
  • Encourages walking and cycling.
  • Reduces our carbon emissions and adds to our work to address climate change.
  • Supports good public transport connections.
  • Increases affordability and housing choice.
We’re proposing:
  • A mix of housing density and style.
  • Housing that’s supported by quality open spaces, and
  • Good walking, cycling and public transport connections.