Private Plan Change 13 – Te Rapa Racecourse 

Closed 15 Mar 2023

Opened 15 Feb 2023

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Waikato Racing Club Incorporated have requested a change to Hamilton’s District Plan to rezone around 6ha of the Te Rapa Racecourse to allow for housing. The land is no longer required to operate the Club and provides an opportunity to contribute more housing to the city.

The key changes include:

  • Changing the zone from Major Facilities to Medium Density Residential to allow for a mix of housing.
  • Change the zone from Major Facilties to Industrial for 1100m2 along Te Rapa Road to Industrial Zone.
  • Identifying some of the site as a low flood hazard area.
  • Adding additional rules to help manage potential noise effects from the racecourse on future housing.
  • Adding landscaping requirements around the future industrial-zoned sites.

What’s a private plan change?

Private plan changes can be used to change or introduce new rules into the District Plan to do things like rezone land or list heritage buildings. Anyone can request a private plan change.

All private plan changes are required to go through public notification, submissions and hearings processes, including the right of appeal to the Environment Court. Council manages the administration of this.

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