Plan Change 9 - Historic Heritage and Natural Environments

Closed 2 Sep 2022

Opened 22 Jul 2022

Published responses

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The submission period for Plan Change 9 has been extended through to Friday 2 September 2022. With the submission period being extended, those who have already made a submission are welcome to make an additional submission if they wish.

As the demand for land and housing increases, it's crucial we strike the right balance between supporting development and protecting those things that have helped shape our city.

Through Plan Change 9 we’re proposing changes to our District Plan, and the rules in it, that’ll enable growth in Hamilton while protecting our unique historic heritage and natural environments, namely:

  • Archaeological and cultural sites. 
  • Built heritage.
  • Historic Heritage Areas (HHA). 
  • Notable trees. 
  • Significant Natural Areas (SNA).

The proposed changes outline how these heritage and natural elements are identified, set out how they’re protected and guide how development can happen in or around them.

With Plan Change 9 now notified anyone can have their say on the proposed changes until Friday 2 September. 

You can find out more about the plan change and view the proposed provisions online at

You can also view the changes and maps in our e-plan here

A summary of the public notice has been placed in the Waikato Times on 22 July 2022 and a hard copy of Plan Change 9 is available to view at Council offices in Garden Place or at all Hamilton City Libraries.

What's next

We want a city that reflects our identity where future generations of Hamiltonians can grow within the types of communities they want. Over the last 18 months, we've worked with individual property owners and experts to assess both what’s currently listed in our District Plan and any potential new elements that should be considered for inclusion. 

We now want to hear from you as to whether or not you think we’ve got it right. 

When the formal submission period closes, Friday 2 September, we’ll summarise all submissions. This summary will be publicly notified on our website, in a local newspaper and printed copies will also be available from Council. Copies of the actual submissions will also be available to the public so that anyone can find out what specific issues have been raised. 

We’ll then call for further submissions. This is the opportunity to support or oppose another person's submission, even if you didn’t make an initial submission. 

Further submissions can only be made if:

  • you represent a relevant aspect of public interest
  • you have an interest greater than the general public has.

Following this, we’ll hold hearings giving you the opportunity to talk to your submissions before announcing the decisions of Plan Change 9.

Got questions?

We're here to help so if you got any questions, please visit the Plan Change 9 webpage or drop the team an email at

You can also come and chat with us in person. We'll be at the following locations:Come along and chat with our team to find out more dates and places