Proposed Special Housing Area: Quentin Drive and Gilbass Avenue – revised

Closed 27 Apr 2018

Opened 16 Apr 2018


Hamilton Housing Accord
The Hamilton Housing Accord is an agreement between Hamilton City Council and the Government to work together to address housing issues in Hamilton. Creating Special Housing Areas is a key mechanism for the Council to deliver on its commitments for increased housing supply and affordability in the Housing Accord. These are areas of land in the city that can be put forward for housing development by landowners or developers for consideration by the Council.

The proposal
Hamilton City Council has been approached by Fosters Develop Ltd who proposes that the site at Quentin Drive and Gilbass Avenue be considered as a Special Housing Area. The proposed development is expected to yield 47 two- and three-bedroom detached and duplex dwellings.

  • NB - In response to feedback, the developer has submitted a revised concept plan which proposes access off Quentin Drive (previously Gilbass Avenue). The property at 35 Gilbass Avenue is not now part of the SHA site, and the expected yield has been reduced to 47 dwellings (previously 56).

Further details ave available below.

Feedback on the revised proposal is open until 5pm on Friday 27 April 2018 - make a submission below.

Please note:
Please be aware when providing a submission that all responses are part of the consultation process. This means that your name but not contact details may be reproduced and included in the Council’s public documents such as the Council agendas and minutes. These documents are available on the Council’s website at

Why your views matter

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