Special Housing Area proposal – Quentin Dr (enlarged)

Closed 12 Apr 2019

Opened 18 Mar 2019

Feedback updated 6 Jun 2019

We asked

Quentin Residential Ltd (QRL) lodged a proposal for an enlarged Special Housing Area (SHA) site at Quentin Drive near Hamilton Lake. The enlarged site comprises the original 2ha Quentin Drive SHA proposal approved by the Council on 10 May 2018 (which is still with the Government for a final decision), plus the site currently occupied by Jack House Transit Limited. The enlarged site is 4.17ha and proposes a yield of 111 homes in total, equating to accommodation for approximately 300 people.

We sought feedback on the proposal from residents in the area for four weeks (18 March 2019 to 12 April 2019).

You said

We received 37 responses, including five supportive responses, eight raising concerns and 23 opposing responses. There was support for more housing in the area, noting that the area was well located near existing amenities such as the lake, hospital and town. Supporters also noted that there was sufficient traffic infrastructure to manage vehicle movements from Quentin Drive. There were concerns about traffic, access to schooling, safety, noise, increased crime and the loss of privacy. Submitters also identified concerns regarding poor drainage.

We did

We invited submitters to speak to their feedback at an Extraordinary Council meeting on 29 April 2019, and several parties took up this offer. As a result, the resolution to recommend the proposal to the Government was amended to include a requirement for QRL to work with Te Haa o te Whenua o Kirikiriroa to complete a cultural assessment prior to applying for a qualifying development consent and for a piece of land adjacent to the site to be regarded as an affected party.

The application is now with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for consideration. The letter to the Minister noted that, in addition to their contractual obligations, QRL has committed to work with local residents to address their concerns.


Hamilton City Council has received another application for an Special Housing Area (SHA) accessed off Quentin Dr.

This application is for 111 homes in an area currently zoned for industrial development (next to the new Bunnings in south Hamilton).

This application does include a site which is part of a separate SHA application currently with the Government for a final decision. The feedback from the community on the first application (October 2018), particularly about vehicle access only being off Quentin Dr (rather than Gilbass Ave) has been incorporated into this application.

Special Housing Areas are a short to medium term tool to bring more housing to the market quickly through an accelerated resource consenting process.

To view a summary of the proposal, including a map of the area, scroll down to the heading "Related" below.

Full details of the application and the Special Housing Areas Policy are available at hamilton.govt.nz/housingaccord

Feedback on the proposals is open until 5pm on Friday 12 April 2019

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