E-scooter survey 2021

Closed 1 Mar 2021

Opened 15 Feb 2021

Feedback updated 24 Nov 2021

We asked

In February/March 2021, we ran a short survey to find out Hamiltonians’ feedback on personal hire devices (LIME e-scooters) in the city. LIME e-scooters have been operational in our city since 2019, and this annual survey (of which this was the second time running it) was a way of finding out who was using the e-scooters and how they had been finding the service.

You said

During the engagement period we received 929 submissions. Of those, most (99%) were aware that e-scooters are available to hire in the city and 84% had hired an e-scooter. Some key themes to come from the feedback included complaints made by respondents relating to the e-scooters in terms of device faults, app faults and e-scooters being parked and carelessly discarded in places. 79% of the respondents felt that users mostly/always ride an e-scooter in a safe and responsible manner and 88% of respondents said that Council should allow personal hire devices to operate in the city.

We did

The feedback was used to inform Council committee decisions around continuing to use operators of personal hire devices in Hamilton. Hamilton currently has two personal hire device companies operating in the city – LIME and Neuron.


Hi there,

Thank you for clicking through to our survey; we really appreciate your time and feedback.

In August 2019, we launched a personal hire device scheme in Hamilton. Our first operator in the city is e-scooter provider LIME.

We gathered feedback from the community in early 2020 on that e-scooter service and asked people whether they had used an e-scooter during that period.

Now that another year has gone by, it's time run a second survey to see how the personal hire device scheme has been operating in recent months. 

Once again, we'd like your feedback on our city's current e-scooter service and we'd also like you to tell us if you've used an e-scooter over the year.

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.

Please complete the survey by 5pm, Monday 1 March 2021, so your views can be included. Your answers are completely confidential, and individuals cannot be identified.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Lisa Litton, Performance and Support Manger - City Transport Unit, lisa.litton@hcc.govt.nz


Privacy statement:
All survey responses will be included in a report to Council. Your answers are completely confidential, and individuals cannot be identified. Please refer to Council’s Privacy Statement at hamilton.govt.nz for further information.

Why your views matter

Now that e-scooter hire services have been up and running for two years, we want to get a second round of feedback from the community on how well these are operating - or not. This information will help us ensure the services operated by providers (as set out under Council's personal hire device scheme) are fit for purpose and delivering what people need. This information will be reported to the Infrastructure Operations Committee in late April 2021 for their review.

Next steps:

A report will be developed and presented to the Infrastructure Operations Committee outlining public feedback on the operation of e-scooters under Council's personal hire device scheme.