Proposed Safer Speed Area – Mears Road area (St Andrews)

Closes 4 Jun 2023

Opened 23 May 2023


As part of our ongoing focus to make our streets safer for everyone, we’re proposing to change the speed limit from 50kph to 40kph on all residential streets within the Mears Road area (in St Andrews). This area is indicated on the map above.

We would like to understand if there are any road safety concerns that you have related to this area to ensure that any changes made will help to address these.

A copy of the Hamilton Speed Management Plan can be viewed at the bottom of this page under the heading Related.

To support this work, we will also be looking to lower the speed limit from 50kph to 30kph and install a raised zebra crossing outside the Sandwich Road shops. We will reach out to nearby businesses and residents about the proposed changes on Sandwich Road at a later date.

Why your views matter

As per the Hamilton Speed Management Plan, a key element of speed management is community input. Hamilton City Council recognised when developing the Hamilton Speed Management Plan that it was crucial to consult with the community to understand their views, and that going forward, engagement with the community in advance of any proposed speed management change needs to be maintained.

What happens next?

This information will be presented to Council’s Traffic, Speed Limits and Road Closures Hearings panel on 8 August 2023.

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