Proposed Safer Speed Area –Mahoe Street Area (Melville)

Closed 19 Jun 2022

Opened 7 Jun 2022

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As part of our ongoing focus on safer streets for all, we’re proposing a speed limit change from 50kph to 40kph on all residential streets within the Mahoe Street area (in Melville). This proposed Safer Speed Area (SSA) is indicated on the map below.

The SSA we are proposing here aligns with our Hamilton Speed Management Plan, which is about achieving safe and appropriate speeds to allow residential neighbourhoods to have a safe environment to live and play. 

A copy of the Hamilton Speed Management Plan can be viewed at the bottom of this page under the heading Related.

Map showing proposed safer speed areas of Mahoe Street and Melville area

To support the lower speed limit in this area we are looking to introduce changes to the parking layout on Mahoe Street and to install traffic calming measures in locations indicated by the blue dots on the map.

Property owners and residents located close to where these works will happen will be contacted directly to provide additional information on those proposed works.

We would like to understand if there are any road safety concerns that you have related to this area to ensure that any changes made will help to address these.

Why your views matter

As per our Hamilton Speed Management Plan, a key element of speed management is community input. Hamilton City Council recognised when developing the Hamilton Speed Management Plan that it was crucial to consult with the community to understand their views, and that going forward engagement with the community in advance of any proposed speed management change needs to be maintained.

What happens next?
This information will be presented at Council’s Traffic, Speed Limit and Road Closure Hearings Panel meeting on Wednesday 27 July 2022.