Wairere Drive Speed Limit Reduction

Closed 27 Sep 2021

Opened 30 Aug 2021

Feedback updated 14 Jun 2022

We asked

We proposed a speed limit change along Wairere Drive from 80km/h to 60km/h. The speed limit reduction related to a resource consent obtained by Foodstuffs that required traffic lights to be installed at the intersection of Wairere Drive and Karewa Place. For the traffic lights to operate safely and to meet the legal requirements for speed limits, a 1.3km portion of Wairere Drive, from Arthur Porter Drive to Pukete Road, was recommended to be reduced to 60km/h.

You said

Of 781 public submissions received throughout September, approximately 80% of respondents did not support a lower speed. Many people believed reducing the speed limit here would make traffic worse on this section of Wairere Drive.

We did

All community feedback, along with relevant transport data and other safety recommendations from staff, were presented to Council in December 2021.

Based on the following recommendations, the decision was made to change the speed limit at some point in the future – in conjunction with the construction of the traffic signals at the intersection of Karewa Place and Wairere Drive:

  • the existing mean operating speeds on this section of Wairere Drive have an average of 66km/h and are within the recommended speeds required for a 60km/h speed limit, as set out in the Speed Limits Rule;
  • any reduction in travel speeds will have a positive impact on the outcome of any crashes that occur in this area; and
  • the change in speed limit is not expected to have any significant impact on the traffic flows in this area – noting that it is an area of high growth and traffic volumes are continuing to grow as a result of development inside Te Rapa North, Rotokauri North and nearby Waikato District Council areas.

Published responses

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Wairere Drive and Karweka Road intersection

Hamilton City Council (the Council) is seeking feedback on a proposal to reduce the speed limit on Wairere Drive between the intersection of Arthur Porter Drive and Pukete Road.    


Council has received feedback about a couple of points regarding this consultation. To clarify these points, here is some further information.

  • While the resource consent this speed limit reduction is in relation to has been granted, the developer can’t go ahead unless Council separately decides to reduce the speed limit. To make a change to a speed limit, we need to consult with our community first. This is why we want your feedback as it will be used to inform the final decision.
  • Our data shows the average travelling speeds on this 1.2km section of Wairere Drive are around 66kph, which indicates that reducing the speed limit to 60kph will have a minimal impact on travelling time.
  • The speed limit reduction is not in response to traffic accidents on this stretch of road. It is to enable the traffic lights that would be installed at the intersection of Karewa Place and Wairere Drive as part of the resource consent to operate safely.
  • The developer has agreed to pay for all works required by the resource consent as well as for new speed limit signs and road markings.


A developer has obtained resource consent to develop a site on the corner of Te Rapa Road and Eagle Way.  As a condition of the consent, the developer must install traffic signals at the intersection of Wairere Drive and Karewa Place, to enable a right turn into (but not out of) Karewa Place from Wairere Drive.  In order to enable these changes, the speed limit on a portion of Wairere Drive (between Te Rapa Road and Pukete Road) must be permanently reduced from 80km/h to 60km/h. 

The Land Transport Rule: Setting Speed Limits 2017 (Speed Limits Rule) requires a minimum length of 500m for a 60km/h speed limit.  The distance between Te Rapa Road and Pukete Road is only 410m.  HCC therefore proposes to extend the speed limit reduction further west to include that part of Wairere Drive between Arthur Porter Drive and Te Rapa Road. 


Reduce the speed limit from 80km/h to 60km/h on Wairere Drive between Pukete Road and Arthur Porter Drive.  No physical changes are proposed to the Wairere Dr/Pukete Road and Wairere Drive/Te Rapa Road intersections apart from new signs and road markings. 

The installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Karewa Place and Wairere Drive was considered as part of the resource consent granted for the development. This speed limit review does not revisit that decision and no further feedback is sought on that matter

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The proposed change is consistent with current traffic patterns with almost all traffic on this section of Wairere Drive traveling below or close to 60 km/h.  Lowering the speed limit would allow the required traffic signals to be installed at the intersection of Karewa Place and Wairere Drive, to enable the development to proceed. 

Council consulted on its Speed Management Plan in 2019 using the Special Consultative Procedure.  Given that the Speed Management Plan sets out an 80 km/h speed limit for this section of Wairere Drive, Council is now using the Special Consultative Procedure for this proposal to lower the speed limit (speed limit changes which are consistent with the Speed Management Plan are made by way of Council resolution). 


Staff will collect and analyse all feedback at the close of the submission period.

The analysis of this feedback will be presented to the Hearings and Engagement Committee meeting in November 2021. At this meeting, submitters who want to speak to their written submission will be able to do so.

The Council will then consider all the views and make a decision on the proposed speed limit reduction on 7 December 2021.