Solid Waste Bylaw 2019

Closed 4 Jul 2019

Opened 4 Jun 2019

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Hamilton City Council (the Council) is seeking feedback on the Hamilton City Solid Waste Bylaw and welcomes your views.

The Bylaw was last reviewed in 2012 as per the Local Government Act 2002 (the LGA) requirements. However, the roll out of the Council’s new residential rubbish and recycling service requires the inclusion of new and amended terms and conditions to support the level of service. It also provides an opportunity to align the Solid Waste Bylaw with the Council’s new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) which was adopted in 2018.

On 30 May 2019, the Council determined that the proposed amendments to the existing Hamilton City Council Solid Waste Bylaw are the most appropriate means of managing and minimising waste in Hamilton.


In compliance with the LGA, the Council provides two options. The Council wants to consult on the amended Solid Waste Bylaw. However, if you think that the Bylaw should be revoked, then the Council would like to understand why.


This will mean the Council amends the existing Bylaw to:

  • Clarify how individuals should manage their rubbish and recyclables, in order to reduce how much waste goes to landfill.
  • Strengthen Council’s ability to manage litter, illegal dumping and other nuisance waste problems – particularly in public places.
  • Ensure multi-unit developments, events and building sites have a plan for how they will manage the waste created by their activities.
  • Enable the Council to licence waste operators and ensure they meet required minimum standards.
  • Any breach of the Bylaw is an offence and an offender is liable upon summary conviction to be fined up to $20,000.


This will mean the Council revokes the existing Bylaw which would mean there would be no provision to adequately manage or minimise waste in Hamilton. 

Before making any final decisions, we’d like to have your input. You can give us feedback until 4 July 2019.

Scroll down to the heading Related below to view proposed bylaw and WMMP documents.


Staff will collect and analyse all feedback at the close of the submission period.

The analysis of this feedback will be presented to the 29 August 2019 meeting of the Regulatory and Hearings Committee. At this meeting, submitters who want to speak to their written submission will be able to do so.

The Council will then consider all the views and make a decision on the Bylaw in September 2019.


Please note:
Please be aware when providing a submission/giving feedback/responding to a survey that all responses are part of the consultation process. This means that your name but not contact details may be reproduced and included in the Council's public documents such as the Council agendas and minutes. These documents are available on the Council's website at