Hayes Paddock neighbourhood changes

Closed 16 Jun 2023

Opened 16 May 2023

Feedback updated 4 Mar 2024

We asked

We conducted an online survey, distributed brochures and held community meetings on a proposal to make two changes at the intersection of Jellicoe Drive and Plunket Terrace at Hayes Paddock, as part of the Transport Choices programme. 

The brochure had a tear-off slip people could provide feedback on and put into a box at Hayes Common cafe for Council staff to collect. 

The survey was followed up with a drop-in session at Hayes Common Cafe, and two informal pop-up conversation meetings by the bus stop at Hayes Paddock, in June 2023. There were also focus group meetings, to gather further feedback on the proposed changes, also held in June.  

The changes would make the intersection safer and help promote the Hayes Paddock community as Hamilton’s best walkable and recreational neighbourhood destination. 

Change one – intersection layout 

We asked for feedback on proposed changes to the layout of the Jellicoe Drive and Plunket Terrace intersection. Our research shows the current Y-intersection has safety and accessibility issues:  

  • U-turns on the intersection  
  •  poor visibility of pedestrians  
  •  high entry speeds into Plunket Terrace. 

We provided two options: 

Option one: cul-de-sac option 

Option two: one way exit option 

Change two - new community space 

We asked people about creating a new community space outside Hayes Common Cafe. The community space could be either 300m2 (if the cul-de-sac option is preferred) or 220m2 (if the one-way exit option is preferred).  The space would belong to the entire community and not for exclusive use by any one group or business and will link to the Wellington St Beach and River walkway via a pedestrian crossing. The space might have furniture, planter boxes, native trees/plants, fun things to do – the ideas will be coming from the people so please tell us what you would like to see there. 

You said

We recorded 233 submissions on the intersection layout options and analysed commentary recorded for community space ideas. 

Intersection layout: Of the 233 submissions, 42 percent preferred option one, the cul-de-sac; 28 per cent preferred option two, the one-way exit; 27 per cent opposed any change and 3 per cent had no preference. 

Community space: Most people said there was a need for seating and shelter for people to move out of the rain or sun. Many people wanted feature trees to provide shade. There was interest in fruit trees, or edible gardens as well as bike racks and a bike repair station. There was support for game play activities like hopscotch or chess, rather than a playground. Others preferred a space for art, a sculpture was suggested, so was a performance space and a space for pop-up events. The strongest functional element which came through was having drinking water at the community space. 

We did

The feedback was provided to the Council’s Infrastructure and Transport Committee to consider, and make decisions, at its meeting on 20 July 2023. Verbal public submissions on the Hayes Paddock project and others in the Transport Choices programme were also heard by elected members. 

Decisions on the intersection layout 

Staff initially recommended option two, a one-way exit. A “revised option two” was created by councillors with advice from staff, in response to written and verbal submissions. 

The revised option provided a two-way exit from Plunkett Terrace onto Jellicoe Drive. Councillors voted 7-5 in favour of the revised option two. This is the option which will be used to make changes to the intersection, should the project move to construction phase. 

Decisions on the new community space 

Staff provided elected members with the feedback received on the community space. We will be in touch again with the community when a decision has been made. 


Tell us what to do …

Exciting changes are coming to the intersection of Jellicoe Drive and Plunket Terrace to make this a safer and more accessible neighbourhood for everyone.   These changes will enhance Hayes Paddock’s reputation as Hamilton’s best walkable and recreational neighbourhood destination.

Change one = road layouts

Change two = new community space

Hayes Paddock aerial photo of Hayes Common, Plunket and Jellicoe intersection

Why your views matter

This survey is seeking your feedback on two neighbourhood changes around Hayes Paddock – at the intersection of Jellicoe Drive and Plunket Terrace.

Why are we making these changes?

The Y-intersection of Plunket Terrace and Jellicoe Drive has safety and accessibility issues such as:

  • U-turns on the intersection
  • poor visibility of pedestrians
  • high entry speeds into Plunket Terrace.

The project will provide the following improvements:

  • a new community space outside Hayes Common Café
  • safe connections between the street, the beach, River path and playground
  • raised pedestrian crossings and new road markings
  • installation of wayfinding signage
  • bike parking.

There will be changes to some of the on-street parking in this area as well.

Bus stop relocation and upgrade will also be happening when new toilet/changing facilities for the Wellington Beach are upgraded in 2024.

Find out more about the Hayes Paddock project and Climate-friendly transport projects here.

  • You are welcome to comment on one or both of the changes.
  • All named entries will go into a draw for $120 voucher at Hayes Common café and there will be 10 lucky spot prizes of $10 vouchers.

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