Hillcrest Playgrounds Survey

Closed 8 Feb 2019

Opened 13 Dec 2018

Published Responses

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The Council is proposing to develop two new playgrounds in Hillcrest – a replacement of the current Hillcrest Park playground on Masters Ave and a new playground at Hillcrest Stadium on Cambridge Road

We want to hear your ideas on what you would like the new playgrounds in Hillcrest to look like, and what could be included.  We're particularly keen to get the comments from children, so please involve them in answering the survey questions.

Please note:
Please be aware when providing a submission that all responses are part of the consultation process. This means that your name and submission, but not your contact details may be reproduced and included in the Council's public documents such as the Council agendas and minutes. These documents are available on the Council's website at hamilton.govt.nz

What Happens Next

Community feedback                                December 2018 – January 2019

Development of draft designs                   January – February 2019

Community feedback on designs              February – March 2019

Final design                                               March 2019

Construction of playgrounds                     April – June 2019