Draft Permanent Public Art Policy and Draft Monuments and Memorial Art Policy Consultation

Closed 9 Jul 2021

Opened 7 Jun 2021

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Hamilton City Council is seeking feedback on two draft policies that aim to guide decisions around public artwork, memorials, and monuments. 

Public Art enriches our communities – it inspires creativity and builds a sense of city pride and identity. 

The Draft Permanent Public Art and Draft Monuments and Memorial Art policies aim to provide clarity around what public art is, along with a better process for installing permanent public artwork, memorials, and monuments. Both policies propose a similar process for accepting, installing, and managing permanent public artworks. 

The policies propose to: 

  • Differentiate monuments and memorials from public art, so that depictions of individuals, groups, or events undergo a more robust consultation process.
  • Establish a public art panel to review and make recommendations around new artwork proposals.
  • Establish a process for dealing with existing public art that has caused significant upset to community members. The policies propose that a taskforce – made up of Council staff, Elected Members, Maaori representation and other topic related experts would review the artwork in question and report to the Council for decision. 

To view the draft policies scroll to bottom of this page under the heading Related.

Permanent Public art is high value, unique, and significant. It is usually bespoke and it should have longevity. An example of public art is Tongue of the Dog (by Michael Parekowhai) or The Farming Family (by Margriet Winderhausen). 

Memorials and monuments are public art, but they are defined as artwork that depict or memorialise an individual, group, or a significant event. Examples of existing memorials or monuments in Hamilton include In the Line of Fire and War Horse. 

What 's next?

Council will hear the community's feedback on the draft policies in a Hearings and Engagement meeting on 28 July.