Proposed partial reclassification of Ashurst Park

Closed 21 Jul 2023

Opened 21 Jun 2023

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We’re asking for your feedback on the proposed reclassification of a section of Ashurst Park, which would allow us to build a new community facility that would be leased to Pukete Neighbourhood House.  

About the proposal

We’re proposing to reclassify the section of Ashurst Park at the entrance from Ashurst Avenue, from Recreation Reserve to Local Purpose (Community Facility) Reserve, under Section 24 of the Reserves Act 1977. 

If approved, this reclassification will enable a new single-story community facility to be built, and for Council to grant a lease to local community outreach group, Pukete Neighbourhood House - Te Whare Takiwa o Pukete.  

The area to be reclassified is shaded light green in the concept drawing below. No other changes to Ashurst Park are being considered as part of the proposal.  

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* Proposed building layout subject to change 

About the new facility

* Concept image only - final building design may differ.

If the reclassification is approved, our plan for the new building includes a park cafe, bookable meeting spaces, a community garden, and carparking. It will allow Pukete Neighbourhood House to better provide their wide range of services to the community.  

The design process will consider noise, lighting, and safety as key priorities. The goal is to build a warm and welcoming space for everyone in the community to use. 

The existing playground would need to be moved to allow space for the new community facility. This could be accommodated in the location marked on the site plan, using allocated renewals budget.  The community will have an opportunity to inform the play space design. 

A few exotic trees would need to be removed to allow for the development of the site. We will look to mitigate any loss through careful replacement planting of suitable trees.  

We anticipate that construction of the building will take about 12 months to complete.  

See the business case and Council report here. (PDF, 59.5MB)

About Pukete Neighbourhood House

Pukete Neighbourhood House - Te Whare Takiwa o Pukete is a community group that provides a range of services, events and initiatives to benefit the local community. They are open from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Currently located in Te Rapa Sportsdrome, they have outgrown the space they're in. This new facility would help Pukete Neighbourhood House to better support the community with their wide range of services, as well as freeing up space in Te Rapa Sportsdrome for sports-related groups to use.

Some of their services include:

  • Before and after school care programmes - with a range of educational activities for kids, and a nutritious afternoon tea provided by an on-site chef. 
  • Activities - including arts and crafts, tai chi, chair yoga and ukulele. They can also host new activity groups and events.
  • Kaivolution Freestore - providing free food and reducing food waste, in partnership with Kaivolution.
  • Community services - such as a Justice of the Peace, financial mentors, and help with energy and internet.
  • Advocacy - supporting families and individuals as they navigate processes with Work and Income, Kainga Ora and ACC.

The new building would help Pukete Neighbourhood House to continue delivering these services and more, as well as providing a new community space for everyone to use.

Council would like to hear your feedback on the proposed partial reclassification before 21 July 2023.

What happens next?

Council staff will collect and review all feedback at the close of the feedback period. A summary of the feedback will be presented to Council’s Hearings and Engagement Committee 22 August 2023. At this meeting, anyone that would like to speak to their written submission will be able to do so. Council will then consider all the views and make a decision on the proposed changes outlined above.