Fairfield park - proposed reclassification

Closed 14 Mar 2022

Opened 14 Feb 2022

Feedback updated 15 Mar 2023

We asked

In February 2022 we asked the Hamilton community for feedback around the proposal of the reclassification of Fairfield Park from recreation reserve to a local purpose (community facility) reserve. This was in order for Te Whare o Te Ata Fairfield Community House to be able to shift their headquarters to the park.

You said

There were 64 submissions, with four of those being heard at the 5 April 2022 Hearings and Engagement Committee. 86% of respondents supported the reclassification. The key themes from respondents when asked to explain their positions were that:

  • the hall would provide a benefit to the community;
  • the hall would be a great place for the community to come together; and
  • a portion of the park should be reclassified to provide a home to Te Whare o te Ata Fairfield/Chartwell Community Centre Trust.

We did

Based on the submissions received and heard, the partial reclassification of Fairfield Park was approved.

Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


Te Whare o te Ata Fairfield/Chartwell Community Centre Trust is looking to call Fairfield Hall home. For them to do this, Hamilton City Council is proposing that the area of Fairfield Park with the hall is reclassified from recreation reserve to local purpose (community facility) reserve under Section 24 of the Reserves Act 1977.

This change would mean that the hall could be used for a much wider range of activities including sports, events, meetings and more. The Trust would be allowed to use it for their everyday operations as well as their community activations. Alongside this, community members would also be able to book and use the hall for events.

The hall was damaged in a fire in 2019 and is now is being upgraded to become a safer, more modern, multifunctional space for the community. You can read more about this here.

The redesign of the hall will include:

  • moving the public toilets to the park side of the building
  • converting changing rooms to community spaces
  • modernising and creating flexible, multi-use, and accessible spaces
  • changing the focus/use of the building
  • enhancing the building’s connection with the community.

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What happens next?

Council staff will collect and review all feedback at the close of the feedback period. A summary of the feedback will be presented to Council’s Hearings and Engagement Committee 5 April 2022. At this meeting, anyone that would like to speak to their written submission will be able to do so. Council will then consider all the views and make a decision on the proposed changes outlined above.