Annual Plan 2022-23

Closed 20 May 2022

Opened 20 Apr 2022

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Hamilton City Council’s 2022-23 Annual Plan is the budget and work programme for Year 2 of the 2021-31 Long-Term Plan. The Annual Plan looks at how we can deliver and fund what we said we’d do, and need to do, in the upcoming financial year as part of the Long-Term Plan. It’s also a chance for us to check in to see if there are any changes we need to make, to address what’s happening in our community and the impact any external factors are having on our organisation.

The good news is Council is on track to deliver what we said we’d do in 2022-23 as laid out in the 2021-2031 Long-Term Plan.

However, this year there is also a major challenge that we didn’t foresee when putting together the budget for Year 2 of the Long-Term Plan – increasing costs driven mainly by the high rate of inflation New Zealand is experiencing.

We’ve also identified additional projects to tackle emerging needs and issues.

Here's a summary of the key changes

Our operating spending for the 2022-23 year has increased by just over $10 million due to:

Increase in inflation assumption on operating costs (see more below) 5.4M
Cost pressures consisting of: 4.54M
  • Increases in our electricity costs $1.34M  
  • Additional spend on cyber security $1.03M  
  • Increase in an existing contract for sludge removal from Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant $376,000  
  • Timing of a sub-regional three waters project that we planned to do last year $750,000  
  • Other changes to existing costs $437,000  
  • Other end-of-year adjustments $600,000  
New operating projects (see what these are on the New Projects page) $370,000
Increase in operating spend in draft 2022-23 Annual Plan budget $10.31M

Our capital spending for the 2022-23 year has increased by just over $43 million due to changes in existing programmes funded by Waka Kotahi and some new projects.

We want to hear your feedback on these.