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The submissions on this portal form part of the information provided to the council and the public in relation to the agenda  for the meeting of Council on the 10 Year Plan, Rating Review and Development Contribution Policy Hearings to be held on 11, 14,15, 16, and 17 May 2018.  These submissions have been received as part of the Council’s consultation process where members of the community are given the opportunity to have their say on the issues to be considered by the Council.  The views expressed in the submissions are the views of the various submitters and do not in any way represent the views of the Hamilton City Council.          

All submissions received are considered by the Council as part of the deliberation process.

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Do you support the removal of the CBD remission?
Do you believe HCC should cap any DC charges?
Do you agree with this approach?
If a developer, are your developments mainly?
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