Flagstaff North Playground Survey

Closed 9 Jul 2017

Opened 13 Jun 2017


New playgrounds are coming to the Flagstaff North area

The Playgrounds of the Future Plan looks to develop destination playgrounds across the city. So far we have built seven destination playgrounds at Hamilton Lake Domain, Parana Park, Claudelands Park, Tauhara Park, Minogue Park, Dominion Park and Hamilton Gardens.

Destination playgrounds give children a unique play experience. They are large, themed playgrounds with high-quality, creative and sustainable equipment designed to be fun, as well as physically and mentally challenging. Destination playgrounds have additional facilities such as parking, toilets, seating, water fountains, CCTV, lighting and shade so families can stay all day. They typically attract high visitor numbers. 

Hamilton City Council is proposing to develop a new destination playground at Hare Puke Park and a small neighbourhood playground at Te Huia Reserve. These playgrounds would be constructed early 2018.  

Te Huia Reserve was originally identified as the location for a new destination playground. After reviewing other sites in the Flagstaff North area, Hare Puke Park has been identified as a more appropriate site for a destination playground.

Hare Puke Park is a large open space which can better accommodate a destination playground and supporting facilities such as toilets. Neighbouring the future Sylvester School there is an opportunity to create a unique community space. Te Huia Reserve is better suited park for a neighbourhood playground being smaller in size the park offers a nice setting for a smaller playground that would provide for the local neighbourhood.

We would like to hear the communityies view on the proposed location. 


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