Funding Growth in Hamilton Kirikiriroa

Closed 21 Apr 2024

Opened 19 Mar 2024

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Development Contributions Policy and Growth Funding Policy 2024

Welcome/Nau mai

Hamilton Kirikiriroa is a fantastic river city and one of the fastest growing metros in New Zealand. We are now a city of 185,000 people and, in 10 years, we expect to be home to 215,000 people.

This growth will create exciting opportunities for our city but it also presents us with challenges, as we experience increased demand for core services, infrastructure and community facilities.

Hamilton City Council’s proposed 2024-34 Long-Term Plan doesn’t ignore these challenges. We are currently borrowing to pay for some everyday costs and our plan is to “balance the books” in 2026/27. During March and April, we are talking to the community about the key issues facing our city over the next 10 years. Your feedback is important.

Alongside our Long-Term Plan, we are also consulting on other policies which support the Plan and the wider vision and strategy for our city.  This includes our Development Contributions Policy (DC Policy) and our Growth Funding Policy. We want your views on the changes and updates we are recommending for both policies.

Our DC Policy sets out how we share the costs of growth in Hamilton between the development sector and the general ratepayer. Currently, we collect DCs for water, wastewater, stormwater, reserves, community infrastructure and transport activities. Based on the capital expenditure requirements in the proposed 2024-34 Long-Term Plan, the current DC charges for these activities are expected to increase.

In addition to these increases, there are a number of changes we are proposing to the current DC Policy which are explained further in the Consultation Document below.

Please note, the DC charges are indicative only and are subject to change. Charges will be finalised alongside the Long-Term Plan.

Our Growth Funding Policy directs Council’s decision-making for growth projects and associated infrastructure where those projects are not aligned with Council’s Long-Term Plan. It supports Council in making decisions about unfunded growth in a way that is affordable and fair to ratepayers. We are proposing to make amendments to the Policy.

  • We recommend you take the time to read the draft Development Contributions Policy and Growth Funding Policy Consultation Document 2024 to identify all changes and updates.
  • For information on the data we use to model DC charges, our policies and proposed changes/updates, are attached as supporting documents under the Related section at the bottom this page.

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Why your views matter

Once you’ve read through our proposals and looked at the options, we’d love to hear your views. You can comment on each of the proposals individually or give us your views on any other aspects of the policy.

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What’s next?

Alongside the 2024-34 Long Term Plan, consultation with the community on the Development Contributions Policy and Growth Funding Policy closes on the 21 April 2024 and verbal submissions will take place between 15 and 17 May 2024. Elected Members will discuss and review the feedback from the community between 4 and 6 June 2024.

Elected members are scheduled to adopt the 2024/25 Development Contributions Policy and the Growth funding Policy on 4 July 2024.