Further submissions to Plan Change 12 - Enabling Housing Supply

Closed 12 Dec 2022

Opened 28 Nov 2022

Feedback updated 26 Apr 2023

We asked

Since 2020 central government reset the rules for how big cities can grow. They did this by introducing the National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD) and the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2021.

These new rules direct big cities like Hamilton to increase the number of multi-storey homes across our city. They don’t give Council much ability to control things like how they will look, how much backyard they have, the impact on our city’s roads and pipes, and how they affect neighbouring properties.

In response to this, we proposed Plan Change 12. This will change Hamilton’s District Plan to provide more housing, and different types of housing, within the city. However, it doesn’t go as far as the Government wants us to.

Our research shows housing intensification will impact our environment, particularly the Waikato River. So, what we proposed will provide housing in a way that protects the health and wellbeing of the river as we grow. This means housing development will be restricted in some areas based on the infrastructure we need to support more homes, and more requirements will be put in place to support our environment.

Submissions to Plan Change 12 were open from 19 August to 30 September 2022.

Further submissions to Plan Change 12 were open from 28 November to 12 December 2022.

You said

We received 350 submissions and 36 further submissions to Plan Change 12 on a range of topics. There is now a formal process to follow under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Hearings to Plan Change 12 opened in February 2023, joint with similar plan changes in Waikato and Waipaa districts. This is when anyone who chose to speak to their submission in person can present their evidence to commissioners.

The rest of the hearings will be held from 4 September to 22 September 2023.

We did

A panel of commissioners will consider all the submissions and make recommendations to Council on the final plan change in early 2024.

Keep up-to-date on the plan change here.

Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


We’re making some changes to Hamilton’s District Plan, the ‘rule book’ that guides development in our city. These changes will provide for more housing, and higher density housing, across the city.

Plan Change 12 – Enabling Housing Supply was open for submissions in August and September. A summary of original submissions and copies of original submissions are now available and you can make a further submission.

Learn more about Plan Change 12 at https://hamilton.govt.nz/planchange12

What is a further submission?

A further submission can either support or oppose another person’s submission. However, you can’t raise new issues. It provides an opportunity to assess the effect an original submission may have on you, and have your views considered.

You do not need to have made an original submission to make a further submission. 

Who can help me with my submission?

Ministry for the Environment has provided funding for an independent ‘Friend of the Submitter’ service to help you prepare your further submission. Kinetic Environmental have a local team of qualified planners who are available to advise you on the process for lodging a further submission, how you might present your views, and the steps you will be required to take after a further submission is lodged. However, they can't write your further submission for you.

Contact Kinetic Environmental at pc12@kineticenvironmental.co.nz or 027 315 0177. There is no cost for this service.

Note to person making further submission:

A copy of your further submission must be served on the original submitter within 5 working days after it is served on the local authority. 

Please note that your submission (or part of your submission) may be struck out if the authority is satisfied that at least 1 of the following applies to the submission (or part of the submission):

  • it is frivolous or vexatious
  • it discloses no reasonable or relevant case
  • it would be an abuse of the hearing process to allow the submission (or the part) to be taken further
  • it contains offensive language
  • it is supported only by material that purports to be independent expert evidence, but has been prepared by a person who is not independent or who does not have sufficient specialised knowledge or skill to give expert advice on the matter.

What's next?

After further submissions a report will be prepared on the proposed changes and a hearing date will be set. Any submitters and further submitters who wish to be heard will be notified of this date.

After the hearing, the commissioners will make their recommendations and we’ll let all submitters and the public know the outcome.