Hamilton City Gambling Policies Review 2015

Closed 2 Oct 2015

Opened 2 Sep 2015


Consultation on the Proposed Gambling Policies 2015 has now closed.

Submissions were open from 2 September - 2 October 2015. Hearings are anticipated to be held 5 November 2015.


A total of 78 submissions were received, with seven submitters wishing to speak at the hearing. Please click here to view the submissions.


The Hamilton City Council is reviewing its Class 4 Gambling Venue Policy and TAB Board Venue Policy.

These policies control where gaming (pokie) machines and stand-alone TABs can be located in the city.

Class 4 Gambling Venue Policy

Due to changes in the legislation, Council is required to 'consider' whether or not to allow Class 4 gambling venues to move from one site to another. The Council was divided in its view on the most appropriate response and is therefore putting forward the following two options for public feedback:

  • Option A - Stop all relocation of venues (this will be a true sinking lid approach)
  • Option B - Allow relocation but only if the gambling venue is moving from outside a Gambling Permitted Area to inside a Gambling Permitted Area (maps are attached to the proposed policy).

TAB Board Venue Policy

The current TAB Board Venue Policy allows for one TAB Board Venue per 30,000 population (up to four Board Venues to establish in Hamilton at this current point in time).

However Council is proposing a new approach to prohibit the relocation of existing venues and prevent any further TAB Board venues from establishing.